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Every Surah in the Quran is important and has it’s own value and message. The Quran was sent as a final seal of graduation for all messages from Prophet Adam(as) to Prophet Muhammad (saw). Our University is ‘Islam’ and the degree is ‘Bachelor of Muslim’. The course book used is ‘Quran’ and the role model is Muhammad (saw) with back-up of hadiths, scholars and the educated. Tell me, if anyone of you can join a course and be successful without reading the main-course-book?

Surah Al Fatiha :

This is the opening Surah of the Quran. It’s importance is so great that the salah (prayer, worship) is incomplete without Surah Al Fatiha. No matter how much Quran we know or recite; there is no way that we can perform our salah without this beginning Surah. This Surah is also used for Shifa’ (cure for physical, spiritual, & mental ailments, diseases & disorders)

It has been made clear in the first verse that nothing and no one is worthy of Praise except Allah(swt). All doubts of having a partner next to His Greatness, must and have to be removed.

الْحَمْدُ للّهِ رَبِّ الْعَالَمِينَ

All praise is due to only Allah, the Lord of the worlds (Q-1:1)

The root word for Aalameen comes from ilm (علم), which demands the acquisition of knowledge. In English the word ‘knowledge’ falls short of expressing all aspects of ilm. Ilm covers theory, action, intention of all kinds of educations. It doesn’t end here. There is ilm of the unseen. Which only Allah knows best. With all due respect to the limited knowledge a person may have, he could still be a loser in the hereafter if he sincerely doesn’t believe in Allah, the Hereafter, the Angels, His Book and His Prophets. This is the basic requirements for a man to register himself into the University of Islam.

Being a true Muslim has to define true humanity. If you are called a Muslim but don’t fit the conduct of being honest & human, then that person slowly starts falling into the category of being recognized as a hypocrite. 

الرَّحْمـنِ الرَّحِيمِ

The Beneficent, The Most Merciful (Q-1:2)

The attribute ‘Ar-Rahman’ (Beneficent) is for all creation and mankind of this world. For example, anyone whether Muslim or not can work hard and achieve his reward in this world. Allah is All-Beneficent in giving the resources as in rain, crop, foods, wealth, success etc to all of mankind. The resources of general fitness of the body, heart and mind has been given to each individual whether Muslim or not. It’s not just for a chosen few, even an atheist is given the benefits of all His resources & wealth. If only we recognized the benefits, we would see Allah from the eyes of our heart and would be from those who are grateful.

The attribute ‘Ar-Raheem’ (Merciful) is only for the righteous on the Day of Justice. It’s for the chosen few, who are best in their deeds, conduct and character in this world.Their sins will be forgiven out of His Mercy.They are the righteous from the Muslims. Those whose intentions and actions are pure and clean. People of reasoning and a sound mind, away from insanity. People who don’t waste their time on useless talks. These are the Ulul Albab (people of Intellect).

The righteous are those who ask help from Allah in all matters but recognize the sources and gifts given by Allah. They use these sources towards their own success in this world and in the hereafter.

مَالِكِ يَوْمِ الدِّينِ

Master of the Day of Judgement (Q-1:3)

A statement to instill fear and awareness of that Day where our accounts will be opened and judged. None can escape. A warning that Allah is Merciful but could never be ‘unjust, bias & partial’. He is the Master and the Judge on that Day. No one can bribe or oppress the other whether male or female. No one can pay under-the-table to buy a spot in Paradise. No cheating and deceit.

Our books of conduct will be given, just like a report card. Every part of our body will witness against the wrong that we did. A warning for those who adhere. If our intentions and actions are good and we sincerely repented for our shortcomings in this world, we have nothing to fear on that Day. But if we have oppressed ourselves and others and are responsible for mischief on this earth then we really need to be worried. Repenting and changing is the only chance that we have. And Allah is All Merciful.


Good Return

Final words of wisdom used in the last verse for those who read and use this Quran as a guidance towards their ultimate reward in the hereafter. For the righteous there is a good return. 

May Allah help us and guide us to a better hereafter and not leave us with those who are led astray.

 O! Allah forgive us and turn towards us, as you are the Only One who can be Merciful.

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