Thus Allah makes clear His Commandments for you; it is expected that you will use your common sense.” (Q-1:242)


Do we really read the Quran? Or do we just leave the Quran for our Masjids or confine it to a high spot of our living-rooms or our salah’s (that we don’t understand) or just for the reward in it’s memorization or for our libraries and scholars? And more strangely, once we step out of these specific areas, our actions and behavioral patterns are in total contradiction to the message of this Quran. How much more hypocritical can we get. There is no pondering, contemplation or any thought process; leave alone the requirement of using ‘our common-sense’.

By the way, where is our common-sense? When we know that this Book is a guidance for all mankind; then, why is there no guidance? Why are we in this in-dignified state? Or is it that Allah has made it so hard to relate and understand His Book? Can anyone in the lowest state of mind actually say that Allah designed a book that would be so complicated and difficult? When Allah has clearly mentioned in Surat-ul-Kahf that there is no crookedness in this Book. It has been also said, that this Book has been sent in Arabic so that it may become easy upon mankind, etc. How arrogant and ignorant can we be to say or think the other way around.

Kufr means covering and concealing the truth. Whereas The Quran openly uncovers the truth, just so that we can get guidance by distinguishing right from wrong in each and every walk of our lives. And why would Allah make it so difficult?

Let me ask you a question of common-sense? How would you define ‘a negligent or a bad teacher’? The answer would be, a teacher who doesn’t use the right book, course or guide-lines, and who neither has the qualities of teaching or the skills of relating to his students. A teacher who is constantly making Kufr, i.e hiding that which is supposed to be made clear and open to his students. And yet oppresses and abuses the student to sit for an exam. Whereas a ‘good teacher’ would have the right book to offer, the right skills and qualities of being a teacher etc etc. Right?

The next question would be, who would you consider a good student? You would answer, the one who reads thoroughly the book given by the teacher. Totally trust, loves and fears his teacher. He follows all guide-lines to the best of his ability. He completes all his assignments on time. He obeys the rules of the classroom, he prepares well for his tests that may be easy or difficult ,He is patient and calm in a situation of a surprise test too. 

Then there is another student who has this same teacher, but neglects the book given to study. He never submits his assignments on time. He hardly obeys the rules of the classroom. When there is a test, there is a big problem. He never blames himself but blames everything and everyone around him for his failure. Did you get it? Seriously, where is our common-sense?

In the same way we all say that we love, fear and believe in Allah as our Teacher, and yet have no trust and faith in Him. We believe in His Book, and yet do not read it. We call it reading because we understand the alphabets and have learnt how to join the words. Who are we fooling”? None but ourselves, don’t we get it, “we recite the Quran, we do not read it”. Reading comes with an understanding and if still not understood, then we go to specialists or scholars for particular situation where the ruling can only be applied by relating to the Quran and Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The Hadith should not contradict the Quran. Other than that, for our daily conduct and character build-up the Quran becomes a mirror where we can clearly see the hidden black spots on our face.

Is it not strange that we don’t take out the time to understand or relate to the book given for which we will be tested? Are we just pacifying and fooling ourselves like the Jews and the Christians that we are the chosen ones and that we have been given an easy walk into Jannah.

Sorry! to say so but we really do not have Faith or lets call it Aqeedah in our Teacher. If only we trusted in our our Teacher as Allah, we would confidently try to understand His Book as much as possible. Just ordinary and simple people at the time of our Prophet Muhammad (SAW), firstly heard the verse, then memorized and then implemented (if related to them). Today we pick and choose hadiths to serve our own purposes. Further more not relating the rulings to the Quran has given birth to severe blunders, sins and mistakes which have now become predominant world-wide in the Muslim Communities. We no more follow Islam; we make Islam follow us and our desires. We have now become manipulative-law abiding Muslims. This blunder is our creation. There has to be a stop put to it; and the only way to do it, is by relating every situation to the Quran.

It makes life easier with straight and simple teaching which transforms mankind from a animal-being to a human-being. To be a Muslim, we need to learn how to be human. Without the attributes of humanity in our being, we will become prey to our self-indignity in this world and in the hereafter. May Allah protect us.

Dignity is from Allah, but we need to achieve it. A honest and a just person will be known in time for his honesty. like-wise a liar or an alcoholic or an oppressor will be known for what they have achieved. Allah will never indignify any soul, unless he deserves it. The righteous earn their position and so do the evil receive their consequences. Prophet Muhammad earned his name & dignity prior to Prophecy, related by his (SAW) wife Khadijah (RA):

By Allah; Allah shall never subject you to any indignity…, for you always maintain your ties with those of your kin, and you are always generous in giving; you are diligent, and you seek what others regard as unattainable; you cool the eyes of your guest, and you lend your support to those who seek justice and redress (to set right an unfair or undesirable situation)”.

The name we achieve is based on our over-all conduct and character. These are simple qualities of ‘common-sense’, but yet we fail. Today, we experience Muslims as liars, cheaters, deceivers, oppressors, unjust, breakers of ties to the womb etc. Simple qualities of goodness for us to adopt as Muslims; and we find it so difficult. For those who understand our test is going to be based on our deeds. We have the choice.

“…that We may test mankind, as to which of them is best in deeds.. (deeds as in good actions, conduct and in the best of manners, totally for the sake of Allah)” (Surah Al-Kahf:7)

Seriously, we need a thorough cleansing of our body, heart & mind. We need to do that to make our soul healthy. It’s got very weak. I choose this auspicious month of Ramadan to remove that darkness and weakness from within me. So join me in this journey towards a brief understanding of the Quran, by holding the hand of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and scholars.

May Allah give me the courage to complete this journey along with all of you. If any of you witness any error, please discard it, as it is from me for which I ask forgiveness and give you the right to correct me InshaAllah.

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