Tadarra (Pleading, supplicating with fear & total humiliation and receiving Allah’s immediate response)

Defining Tadarra by translating it as ‘humiliation’ is rather an understatement; it’s more like being in a state of fear and knowing that there is no escape, except ‘Fleeing’ to Allah. It’s a forced humiliation in the midst of experiencing a desperate situation or calamity. Putting a few words together and translating a word of Arabic, is just not enough. Hence I decided to use Dr. Farhat Hashmi’s analogy along with my explanation, to give our readers a better understanding of Tadarra in our dua (supplication).

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Mazloom (the oppressed) or Zalim (the oppressor) “Who am I?”

I used to always wonder as to why being a Mazlom (the oppressed) was approximately as wrong as being a Zalim (the oppressor). For sure I am not a scholar but I read, researched and discovered a strangely direct connection between a person who is a Mazloom and the one who is a Zalim. Just in Sahih Bukhari, there are about 43 hadiths in regards to a Zalim (oppressor). A Zalim (oppressor) is any individual who uses his powers given by Allah (SWT) to oppress others. Therefore helping an oppressor is from the gravest of sin which leads to nothing but disaster. People should not imitate an oppressor on the contrary must try to prevent him from doing evil . This is an obligation on all Muslims.

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Releasing stress is a secret to a longer life

Before we start on this formula for a longer life, let me make this clear that in Islam, life and death of an individual is written (Qadr). No changes can be made. A longer life means a life which is healthy, physically and mentally. The number of years doesn’t matter. It’s all about the factual amount of years spent on this earth. Many a times we are responsible for what we bring upon ourselves. The sickness in heart furthermore spreads to our body and mind.

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