Human or Jinn? Whose Trap?

“In a gathering Muhammad (saw) asked Abu Dhar “did you pray 2 Nafl?” Abu Dhar said “no” and proceeded to pray and when returned, Rasool (saw) said, “did you ask refuge from the shaitan of jinn and ins(human)”? Abu Dhar questioned, “is there a shaitan in the ins too?”  Rasool (saw) said, “the shaitan in the ins is worse than the shaitan in the jinn (Allah’s creation invisible to human eye). The shaitan of the ins is hard-hearted”. In the explanation it was mentioned that a hard-hearted person is the one who denies Haq(truth, truthfulness, birthright, rights, prerogative(due/privilege), correction etc). Narrated by Ibn Jarir (Muslim)

The above hadith, comes as a warning to mankind that they must be alert from the invitation of the shaitan (Human or Jinn). It is us who accept the invitation and most often tend to blame it on the shaitan of the jinn, although man is responsible for acting in accordance to the waswasa (whisper) and falling into the trap of the shaitan. It’s just not jinns whispering into the hearts; human whisper can be far more destructive.

“From the evil of him who whispers evil in the heart and slings away. Those who whisper in the hearts of mankind. From jinn and mankind” (Surah Al-Nas 4-6)

These verses make it clear that the attack is on the heart and it’s from both sources, jinn and mankind. Our heart has no ears. Yet the heart has been mentioned with the whisper. It’s only recently that scientist have discovered the direct connection of the ears and eyes to the heart.

So  yes; our heart is the root of all goodness or evil. Let’s take a closer look into the heart.

We all know that eachone of us  has some weakness or another. That is accepted. What’s not accepted and should not be accepted is when weakness transforms into repeated transgression, aggression, oppression.  It’s then considered sinful, abusive and criminal by any law. We shouldn’t allow any satanic forces from human or jinn to aggravate us into breaking our limits of conduct and mannerism.  The heart is the key factor of success or destruction. It’s sub-roots are it’s two doors.

 Consider your heart as a room and it’s two doors as your eyes and ears.  Whatever you see and hear goes straight into that room. How healthy is this little room or is it polluted with filth. Evaluate your daily routine and think for yourself, as to how many hours do we spend on rubbish talk, rubbish t.v shows, rubbish gossip, rubbish video games, gibberish reading etc etc. Check it out and see what all you are filling in that little room.

Nothing but negative forces are constantly getting  witnessed within the camera of your eyes and vocal recordings are witnessed by your ears. A constant whisper. You will notice that many times we comment, “why are you speaking rubbish?” or “don’t you think before you talk?” or “mind your language” or “where did you learn that slang from?” etc.  It’s just because whatever we hear and see constantly goes straight into our hearts and without any thought process, the tongue blurts it all out. It’s all inter-connected.

Hear David Icke’s lecture ‘Mind Control’ on YouTube. He explains pretty well how the mind is controlled by heart and it’s two doors.

Now the cure. The cure is the Quran, if only we would understand. It’s the only medicine that would prevent us from falling into the trap of the shaitan. The Quran is a distinguishing factor between what is right and wrong.  This distinction is important for us to make rightful decisions in life.

We need to build that positive confidence in the book of Allah by repeatedly saying “It will be easy for me to understand, InshaAllah”.  Let your own words be heard by your ears, so that the positive forces start sinking into your heart.  Allah will make it easy for your memorizing and understanding of it.

وَلَقَدْ يَسَّرْنَا الْقُرْآنَ لِلذِّكْرِ فَهَلْ مِنْ مُدَّكِرٍ

“And We have indeed made the Qur’an easy to understand and remember: then is there any that will receive admonition/advice”? (Surah Al-Qamar:17)

“The one who does Shurah (advice/consensus/admonition) doesn’t get destroyed” (Muhammad- saw) and  ”the one who seeks help doesn’t get distressed” (a common statement from the people of knowledge and wisdom)

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