How Do I Know If My Fasting Has Been Accepted?

Or for a matter my Prayer, my Hajj, my Umrah, my Laylatul Qadr? How do we know if our fasting or any of our acts of worship are accepted? This question often comes in most of our minds? The scholars say, “Because you will never be the same again!” Yes, and truly we shouldn’t be the same after asking for forgiveness at Haj or Umrah or Laylatul Qadr or during the month of Ramadhan. All these ibadats (acts of worship) should help us transform into a better human being and a Muslim with a good conduct. But then why is it that it’s not happening? What is stopping us as Muslims from being what our title defines. Here’s what Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said,

Whosoever does not abandon Falsehood (lies, deceit, hypocrisy) in speech and action, then Allah the Mighty and Majestic has no need that he should leave his food and drink.”(Narrated by Abu Hurrairah/Sahih Al-Bukhari)

On one side we have the question, “how do we know if my fasting has been accepted” and a simple answer, “you will never be the same”. Then we have the hadith of our Prophet (SAW) giving us a precise statement as to what is required for the acceptance of our fasting? Get rid of the falsehood in our speech and action. As easy it may sound it isn’t. Seriously, each one of us need to check out the amount of FALSEHOOD we are involved on a daily basis; our lies, our pretense, our superfluous acting, our satanic whispering and our hypocrisy. Non-Stop; never ending.

Fasting is not just about hunger and thirst. It’s about a transformation and a change. An outward change yes, most of us are pretty much good with that. But there is a potential for a deeper change. A change of heart which leads to a positive change in our body and mind. And it’s for that we must hope and pray.

Consider the month of fasting as if we are in a Rehab Centre for self cleansing. Our sincere fasting should bring a change to our sick 1.heart, 2.body and 3.mind to a healthy 3 in 1.

If you see the below changes and transformations taking place in you then yes, it’s a sign that “my fasting has been accepted”.

From anger to calm

From verbal, physical and psychological abuse to love and care

From dishonesty to honesty

From miserliness to generosity

From pride to humility

From ingratitude to gratitude

From argumentation to keeping quiet and only speaking when on Haq(truth)

From grudges to forgiveness

From arrogance to humility

From showing off to sincerity

From disunity towards unity

From the sake of me, myself and I; to every intention and action only for the sake of Allah and only Allah!

We ask Allah for Tawfiq (success and reconciliation) and Tayir (facilitation) and accept our fasting, InshaAllah.




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