Eve or Hawwa – Leading to a successful woman…how? (Part-2)


By respecting the beautiful introduction made by The Creator for our First Lady ‘Hawwa’.  By implementing the character of a lively woman and a giver of life, not just by physically giving birth but by bringing light and life to her surroundings by her true and astonishing nature. Her compassionate personality distributed as a daughter, a wife and a mother.  An unrecognised strength; arising the question of ‘why a rib’ would be addressed to a dignified name, Hawwa?

The biblical view on the creation of ‘Eve’ is nearly the same as the Quranic view. The King James Version says that Adam’s rib was used in the creation of Eve. The word translated rib is the Hebrew word ‘Tesla, which refers to the side of Adam and is mentioned nearly 30 times. Just in one passage of King James Version, it has been translated as the ‘rib’. In the Sumerian language, one of the most ancient known to humanity, the word for rib also means life. In this context it is clear that the woman was created from the life of the man.

Dr. Farhat Hashmi explains beautifully that, “Hawwa was created by a side rib.  It’s a part of a cage which is incomplete without her. Thank God she wasn’t taken out from Adam’s (As) head or else it would be justified with a proof that he was supposed to be Lord over her. Nor was she removed from the feet of Adam(As) or else there would be a proof that man could Trample over her. Hawwa is removed from the side of a man; which gives her the status of being equal in intellect and companionship”.

Specified as a rib is also because of her flexibility and ability to fit in with the rest of the ‘rib cage’.  She fits in just like a jigsaw puzzle. Mind you the ’rib’ also comes as a warning to a man that due to her compassionate, lively and multiple tasking nature; if pressurised or oppressed could break and lead to a divorce or self destruction or a nervous breakdown. Not nullifying the fact that the rib identifies the side of a man which stands for his equal.

I would like to bring forth to you some positive examples of women who can be defined as ‘HAWWA’ (a lively woman and the giver of life).

Hajra (wife of Ibrahim).  Ibrahim (AS) trusted her and left her alone with her new born and what happened? There came a nation from her. Was it easy? No, not at all, but she took her mission with courage, which was based on Haq (truth), and she dealt it with Sabr (patience). No companion, no support, just she and her new born. Ibrahim (AS) loved and trusted her as her character was clearly of a pious woman. He left her to perform her duty as a woman, wife and a mother.  Believe me, if Ibrahim (AS) was like some of our current time Muslim men; not trusting her and dictating all her affairs; for sure Hajra, would never have been the hand behind the building of a community which further developed into a full-fledged nation.  Again, a quote from Dr. Hashmi, “we are successful women today, is because of Hajra (raa)”, and as I would say, “what a positive example of a lively woman and the giver of life, Hajra; an example for the successful woman of all times”.

Today when we visit Mecca and witness all the comforts; you as ‘Men’ and we as ‘Women’ seriously fail to comprehend and have totally underestimated the ‘courage and hard work that was done entirely by a woman called HAJRA (Raa)’. We now walk on the cold tiles between Safa’ & Marwa; when she ran desperately between two rocky hills of the same Safa & Marwa, with exhausting heat and her little new born crying out of thirst. She was alone, as she cried and searched for help.  Allah send His help. Today we stand as a Nation at the same point, and yes we cry and yes we ask for help and yet we stand alone’. Yes, we are now a Nation (Ummah) but we are divided by colour, creed, culture, country and sects. Hajra, stood alone and still she built a Nation, we stand with millions but we still stand alone.

Now let’s look further into the life of Khadijah bint Khuwaylid.  Khadijah (Raa) needed an agent to trade in her merchandise going to Syria. Abu Talib, suggested her to employ her distant cousin Muhammad ibn Abdullah, who by then, had earned the honouring titles of Al-Sadiq (the truthful) and Al-Amin (the trustworthy). It was not uncommon to hire an agent who did not have a prior experience; so Khadijah (Raa) decided to give Muhammad (SAW) a chance based on his reputation.

We all know the story from here and how the men at that time desired to marry her because of her position and status; but then look at the intellect and wisdom of Khadijah who chose a husband much younger, not only in age but lower in position than her, just based on his trustworthy and truthful character. Khadijah’s (raa) respect and honor for her husband grew further as she witnessed that he never took a penny from her business except of that what he(SAW) rightfully earned. Right up until today that same norm has become a part of the Islamic Jurisprudence that a husband cannot take a penny from his wife unless she gives it to him out of requirement or necessity which is considered as ‘Sadaqah’ (voluntary charity or gift) for him.

Khadijah’s (raa) love & trust for Muhammad (SAW) grew immensely to such an extent that when Gibrael (AS) brought the first revelation from Allah to him (SAW), he was perspiring, scared, pale and shivering (we all know this part of history); he ran home to Khadijah (raa) and asked to be wrapped.  Once he felt better he narrated his whole experience to her and this is what Khadijah (raa) said in response, By Allah; Allah shall never subject you to any indignity…, for you always maintain your ties with those of your kin, and you are always generous in giving; you are diligent, and you seek what others regard as unattainable; you cool the eyes of your guest, and you lend your support to those who seek justice and redress (to set right an unfair or undesirable situation)”.

Could most of the women of today have this believe, trust and be able to respond in this way. Is it asking for too much from a man????

Look at the inner nature of a righteous woman; she understands simply the truth, she acknowledges it with total understanding and without a doubt or a second thought. This response of Khadijah (raa) is not documented just for us to read as a novel or a love story, but for all of mankind to ponder on the message and the result of a marriage that is based on Trust, Honesty and Haq (truth); and that Allah gives dignity to a man of such a character.

Read her response once more. Again, is it that difficult? Unfortunately men have lost that ‘dignity’ and hence ‘woman’ have lost that astonishing nature & personality given by Allah. The scholar Suleman Moola describes, one of the reasons for the downfall of our Ummah “there is no more transparency in marriages”. Marriages are now mostly based on fraud and lies. It’s difficult for a building to stand on a weak foundation.

An advice from Dr. Hashmi, for the woman of our times, “please don’t waste your time brooding, sulking and crying with negative thoughts”. Please don’t ruin your personality. Ignore the negativity around you and do not succumb to Fitna (evil). Try and be that lively woman; giver of life as ‘Allah the Almighty’ introduced you, Oh! ‘Hawwa’ of today”.



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