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Eve or Hawwa -Today I am wise. (Part-3)

“Yesterday I was clever, I thought I could change the world; today I am wise and I think I should change myself”. These are words of inspiration from Jalal ad-din Muhammad Rumi. To understand and set the record straight, we

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Eve or Hawwa – Leading to a successful woman…how? (Part-2)

LEADING TO A SUCCESSFUL WOMAN….HOW? By respecting the beautiful introduction made by The Creator for our First Lady ‘Hawwa’.  By implementing the character of a lively woman and a giver of life, not just by physically giving birth but by

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Eve or Hawwa – Which is a better Introduction? (Part 1)

The name Eve bears resemblance to an Aramaic word for “snake”.  In Genesis, Eve is associated with a snake. Whereas Hawwa has its origins in the Arabic language, meaning “a lively woman & giver of life” Eve is the first

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Human or Jinn? Whose Trap?

“In a gathering Muhammad (saw) asked Abu Dhar “did you pray 2 Nafl?” Abu Dhar said “no” and proceeded to pray and when returned, Rasool (saw) said, “did you ask refuge from the shaitan of jinn and ins(human)”? Abu Dhar

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Mazloom (the oppressed) or Zalim (the oppressor) “Who am I?”

I used to always wonder as to why being a Mazlom (the oppressed) was approximately as wrong as being a Zalim (the oppressor). For sure I am not a scholar but I read, researched and discovered a strangely direct connection

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