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Tadarra (Pleading, supplicating with fear & total humiliation and receiving Allah’s immediate response)

Defining Tadarra by translating it as ‘humiliation’ is rather an understatement; it’s more like being in a state of fear and knowing that there is no escape, except ‘Fleeing’ to Allah. It’s a forced humiliation in the midst of experiencing

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Mazloom (the oppressed) or Zalim (the oppressor) “Who am I?”

I used to always wonder as to why being a Mazlom (the oppressed) was approximately as wrong as being a Zalim (the oppressor). For sure I am not a scholar but I read, researched and discovered a strangely direct connection

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Releasing stress is a secret to a longer life

Before we start on this formula for a longer life, let me make this clear that in Islam, life and death of an individual is written (Qadr). No changes can be made. A longer life means a life which is

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