“1 Year Ago Today” Yasir Qadhi

“Verily, Allâh guides not the one who is a Musrif (those who commit great sins, oppressors, transgressors, wrong-doers, unjust), a liar!” [40:28]
Yasir Qadhi
“One year ago today, one of the worst atrocities in recent history perpetrated by a government against its own citizens occurred.

The Rabaa massacre in Cairo, Egypt was especially heinous because:

1) The government clearly planned this massacre and intended to cause maximum civilian casualties (as the latest report by Human Rights Watch proves)

2) The Egyptian government used its own army against its own citizens

3) The site of the massacre was a masjid – which is supposed to be a sanctified place of worship, not a place where blood is so easily shed!

4) The sheer quantity of people killed (estimates vary – perhaps as many as a thousand)

5) The fact that they were protesting against an illegitimate government and for the democratically elected, legitimate President

6) The reality that the protestors were by and large unarmed and without protection. They were untrained regular civilians, whereas the people doing the killing were trained snipers, military men, and army personnel, heavily armed, using artillery weapons and military aircrafts (helicopters).

7) The fact that most of those killed were practicing Muslims, whereas those doing the killing were….murderers.

But the single most despicable matter to me in this whole affair is that some scholars – people who are supposed to have a fear of Allah and a love of their fellow Muslims – actually approved of this massacre, or tacitly supported this evil, vile, Pharonic regime, and cheered them on as they slaughtered hundreds of innocent…merely because their version of Islam told them that they should support dictatorships and despots over innocent, practicing Muslims who wanted to live better lives. And it wasn’t just clerics of one stripe: one found that both Sufi and Salafi scholars were involved (while obviously large segments of Sufis and Salafis criticized the massacres and the Egyptian government).

The ‘Sufi’ clerics who justified the massacre were primarily motivated by their hatred of ‘other’ Muslims. It was sad to see a movement that claims to be based on peace and love become so vicious when it came to the ‘other’ Muslims who don’t agree with them. Quite frankly, they became the very Frankenstein that they accuse ‘others’ (those whom they call ‘Wahhabis’) of being.

On the other side, the ‘Salafi’ clerics who justified this were motivated by their love of rulers and their coziness with power. These clerics preferred status quo and financial stability over positive reform. In this regard, they were a disgrace to the actual salaf, who would distance themselves from the rulers and avoid having cozy relationships with the kings and princes.

Today, our thoughts and prayers are with those who were killed, and with the families – widows, parents, children, siblings – of those who were martyred.
And our anger, and disgust, and hatred, is renewed once again for the governments and police forces and army, and especially the ‘scholars’, who supported this massacre. By Allah they are not true scholars, even if they claim descent from the Prophet (SAW), or have been appointed as Imam of the Haram”.

“It is strange how we spot the minutest flaws of others, yet remain blind and oblivious to ourselves and other major crimes, unjusts, oppressions & wrong-doings” (rdunya)

For further understanding you can read on twitter:

Abdul Nasir Jangda@AbdulNasirJ

A year ago, over 1,000 innocent people in #Rabaa killed by army & police that are supposed to protect & serve. http://m.hrw.org/node/128069 

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