Eve or Hawwa -Today I am wise. (Part-3)

“Yesterday I was clever, I thought I could change the world; today I am wise and I think I should change myself”. These are words of inspiration from Jalal ad-din Muhammad Rumi. To understand and set the record straight, we do tend to be judgemental about everyone other than ourselves. We forget that the world is also looking at us; our dealings with our parents, our general conduct, our economical & personal dealings, and our interaction with every age group etc., which ultimately defines our bond and our relationship with Allah. A good conduct must be applied with any dealing (muamalat). If these characteristics are missing then no matter what we speak or do, there is no way the world would change based on us just being clever.

Ustaz Nouman Ali in one of his lectures said, “If we hold on to the rope of Allah, along with the Sunnah (Prophetic sayings + actions) correctly and tightly, then all our relationships & dealings would be correct”. This is because each dealing would be based on Haq(truth+ justice); starting from our parents, our wives, our brothers & sisters, our kids, our relatives, our friends, our companions etc. The simple understanding of Haq makes us wise and then we immediately take this decision about ourself “I should change myself”. Once our self- corrections starts; that’s when our personalities become affirmative and humble. The world is still watching us with an eagle’s eye; but at this ‘self-change’ the world desires to change too or at least addresses that person with ‘DIGNITY’.

A little recap on the words of wisdom that came out from Khadijah’s(Raa) mouth when Prophet Muhammad (SAW) received his first revelation, Allah shall never subject you to any indignity…, for you always maintain your ties with those of your kin, and you are always generous in giving; you are diligent, and you seek what others regard as unattainable; you cool the eyes of your guest, and you lend your support to those who seek justice and redress (to set right an unfair or undesirable situation)”.  Ponder on the advice given to the world; it seems so easy but NO! it’s not.  It’s difficult as our connection with Allah is weak and hence we are subject to ‘indignity’ in this world and in the hereafter.

Allah, the Almighty blesses an affirmative personality with guidance & self-respect.  Baraka (blessings of Allah) is when maximum benefit is given with minimum provisions. Just like Asiya (Pharaoh’s wife)was an affirmative woman, who underwent extreme oppression from her husband, but she never stood by him on falsehood; she stood with her affirmative character against all odds of evil.  Asiaya’s affirmative personality was thereby blessed with Guidance & Self-respect to the extent that Allah confirms her history in the Quran. Most of us would probably cry while leaving this world; whereas Asiya after being tortured by Pharaoh, her very own husband, smiled during her last few breaths of life. (Read her story in the Quran). Asiya couldn’t change her husband along with other oppressors; she decided to be wise by changing herself and that’s what changed the course of history. Asiya was an affirmative force as she was guided by Allah and Pharaoh was the negative force as he remained deprived of Allah’s guidance through Musa (As).

The next example I take is Fatimah, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was very intelligent and she was the youngest sister but highest in grades. She was dearest to her father. He once said, “Fatimah is like soul and heart to me”. And once, he said, “Fatimah will be the leader of the women in Paradise”.  He further said, “What troubles Fatimah troubles me as well”.

She had an affirmative and versatile personality; many of us are unaware of the fact that she was an amazing doctor.  Not by Degree, but by listening to the doctors that visited her father Muhammad (SAW). She took care of so many children and was a nightingale for warriors at times of war.

Uqbah ibn Abi Muayt, one of the vilest of the lot, volunteered for a dirty act. He returned with obnoxious filth and threw it on the shoulders of the Prophet (saw), while he was still prostrating. Abdullah ibn Masud, a companion of the Prophet, was present but he was powerless to do or say anything.

Imagine the feelings of Fatimah as she saw her father being treated in this fashion. What could she, a girl not even ten years old, do? She went up to her father and removed the offensive matter and then stood firmly and angrily before the group of Quraysh thugs and lashed out against them. Not a single word did they say to her. The noble Prophet raised his head on completion of the prostration and went on to complete his Salah. He (SAW) then said: “O Lord, may you punish the Quraysh!”  Just imagine standing up for Haq at such an young age and then slowly growing wise with knowledge, experience and age.

Ateqa the wife of Umar (ra), used to ask Umar ibn al-Khattab for permission to go to the mosque. He would keep silent, so she would say, “By Allah, I will go out, unless you forbid me,” and he would not forbid her. She wasn’t a feminist or standing up for some kind of a ‘woman’s lib’; she was asking for her right and Umar (ra) couldn’t stop her as he couldn’t deny her right given by Allah and His Rasool (SAW). Unfortunately women in the east and west have been misused, oppressed & tortured day in and out.  Today if she asks for her RIGHTS, she is called a Feminist or a Liberated Woman.  Read the Quran; Islam liberated women from tyranny and oppression.  Sadly speaking, the ‘Hawwa’ of today have been crushed with the wrongful misinterpretation of the Quran and the hadiths of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

I could go on and on with a list of the lively women & the giver of life’ of all times, but I will stop here with an advice for the  Hawwa of today; do not be clever by pushing to change people around you. Trying to change them will only disturb and destroy you in the bargain.  Please Dignify yourself by being Wise and change yourself on grounds that are right.  Be on the side of Haq (truth & justice) and understand your Rights given by ‘The Almighty Creator’.  Do not sulk and build in negative thoughts. Be affirmative as that was the personality of the Righteous Women in the past.  You change, and the world will change along with you…InshaAllah.

And women shall have rights similar to the rights against them, according to what is equitable; but men have a degree (of responsibility) over them.  And Allah is Exalted in Power and is Wise “(2:228).



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Eve or Hawwa – Leading to a successful woman…how? (Part-2)


By respecting the beautiful introduction made by The Creator for our First Lady ‘Hawwa’.  By implementing the character of a lively woman and a giver of life, not just by physically giving birth but by bringing light and life to her surroundings by her true and astonishing nature. Her compassionate personality distributed as a daughter, a wife and a mother.  An unrecognised strength; arising the question of ‘why a rib’ would be addressed to a dignified name, Hawwa?

The biblical view on the creation of ‘Eve’ is nearly the same as the Quranic view. The King James Version says that Adam’s rib was used in the creation of Eve. The word translated rib is the Hebrew word ‘Tesla, which refers to the side of Adam and is mentioned nearly 30 times. Just in one passage of King James Version, it has been translated as the ‘rib’. In the Sumerian language, one of the most ancient known to humanity, the word for rib also means life. In this context it is clear that the woman was created from the life of the man.

Dr. Farhat Hashmi explains beautifully that, “Hawwa was created by a side rib.  It’s a part of a cage which is incomplete without her. Thank God she wasn’t taken out from Adam’s (As) head or else it would be justified with a proof that he was supposed to be Lord over her. Nor was she removed from the feet of Adam(As) or else there would be a proof that man could Trample over her. Hawwa is removed from the side of a man; which gives her the status of being equal in intellect and companionship”.

Specified as a rib is also because of her flexibility and ability to fit in with the rest of the ‘rib cage’.  She fits in just like a jigsaw puzzle. Mind you the ’rib’ also comes as a warning to a man that due to her compassionate, lively and multiple tasking nature; if pressurised or oppressed could break and lead to a divorce or self destruction or a nervous breakdown. Not nullifying the fact that the rib identifies the side of a man which stands for his equal.

I would like to bring forth to you some positive examples of women who can be defined as ‘HAWWA’ (a lively woman and the giver of life).

Hajra (wife of Ibrahim).  Ibrahim (AS) trusted her and left her alone with her new born and what happened? There came a nation from her. Was it easy? No, not at all, but she took her mission with courage, which was based on Haq (truth), and she dealt it with Sabr (patience). No companion, no support, just she and her new born. Ibrahim (AS) loved and trusted her as her character was clearly of a pious woman. He left her to perform her duty as a woman, wife and a mother.  Believe me, if Ibrahim (AS) was like some of our current time Muslim men; not trusting her and dictating all her affairs; for sure Hajra, would never have been the hand behind the building of a community which further developed into a full-fledged nation.  Again, a quote from Dr. Hashmi, “we are successful women today, is because of Hajra (raa)”, and as I would say, “what a positive example of a lively woman and the giver of life, Hajra; an example for the successful woman of all times”.

Today when we visit Mecca and witness all the comforts; you as ‘Men’ and we as ‘Women’ seriously fail to comprehend and have totally underestimated the ‘courage and hard work that was done entirely by a woman called HAJRA (Raa)’. We now walk on the cold tiles between Safa’ & Marwa; when she ran desperately between two rocky hills of the same Safa & Marwa, with exhausting heat and her little new born crying out of thirst. She was alone, as she cried and searched for help.  Allah send His help. Today we stand as a Nation at the same point, and yes we cry and yes we ask for help and yet we stand alone’. Yes, we are now a Nation (Ummah) but we are divided by colour, creed, culture, country and sects. Hajra, stood alone and still she built a Nation, we stand with millions but we still stand alone.

Now let’s look further into the life of Khadijah bint Khuwaylid.  Khadijah (Raa) needed an agent to trade in her merchandise going to Syria. Abu Talib, suggested her to employ her distant cousin Muhammad ibn Abdullah, who by then, had earned the honouring titles of Al-Sadiq (the truthful) and Al-Amin (the trustworthy). It was not uncommon to hire an agent who did not have a prior experience; so Khadijah (Raa) decided to give Muhammad (SAW) a chance based on his reputation.

We all know the story from here and how the men at that time desired to marry her because of her position and status; but then look at the intellect and wisdom of Khadijah who chose a husband much younger, not only in age but lower in position than her, just based on his trustworthy and truthful character. Khadijah’s (raa) respect and honor for her husband grew further as she witnessed that he never took a penny from her business except of that what he(SAW) rightfully earned. Right up until today that same norm has become a part of the Islamic Jurisprudence that a husband cannot take a penny from his wife unless she gives it to him out of requirement or necessity which is considered as ‘Sadaqah’ (voluntary charity or gift) for him.

Khadijah’s (raa) love & trust for Muhammad (SAW) grew immensely to such an extent that when Gibrael (AS) brought the first revelation from Allah to him (SAW), he was perspiring, scared, pale and shivering (we all know this part of history); he ran home to Khadijah (raa) and asked to be wrapped.  Once he felt better he narrated his whole experience to her and this is what Khadijah (raa) said in response, By Allah; Allah shall never subject you to any indignity…, for you always maintain your ties with those of your kin, and you are always generous in giving; you are diligent, and you seek what others regard as unattainable; you cool the eyes of your guest, and you lend your support to those who seek justice and redress (to set right an unfair or undesirable situation)”.

Could most of the women of today have this believe, trust and be able to respond in this way. Is it asking for too much from a man????

Look at the inner nature of a righteous woman; she understands simply the truth, she acknowledges it with total understanding and without a doubt or a second thought. This response of Khadijah (raa) is not documented just for us to read as a novel or a love story, but for all of mankind to ponder on the message and the result of a marriage that is based on Trust, Honesty and Haq (truth); and that Allah gives dignity to a man of such a character.

Read her response once more. Again, is it that difficult? Unfortunately men have lost that ‘dignity’ and hence ‘woman’ have lost that astonishing nature & personality given by Allah. The scholar Suleman Moola describes, one of the reasons for the downfall of our Ummah “there is no more transparency in marriages”. Marriages are now mostly based on fraud and lies. It’s difficult for a building to stand on a weak foundation.

An advice from Dr. Hashmi, for the woman of our times, “please don’t waste your time brooding, sulking and crying with negative thoughts”. Please don’t ruin your personality. Ignore the negativity around you and do not succumb to Fitna (evil). Try and be that lively woman; giver of life as ‘Allah the Almighty’ introduced you, Oh! ‘Hawwa’ of today”.



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Eve or Hawwa – Which is a better Introduction? (Part 1)

The name Eve bears resemblance to an Aramaic word for “snake”.  In Genesis, Eve is associated with a snake. Whereas Hawwa has its origins in the Arabic language, meaning “a lively woman & giver of life”

Eve is the first woman mentioned in the Bible. Here it was Adam who gave her the name Eve. Eve lived with Adam in the Garden of Eden during the time which Adam was described as having walked with God and Eve as understood for the ‘fall of man’. The pair were removed from the garden because Eve was encouraged by the serpent to eat the fruit from the ‘Tree of Knowledge’ of Good and Evil. A bad introduction for a ‘woman’. The first thought that would come to a layman’s mind would be ‘Eve as Evil (although in the Old Testament she is addressed as ‘Hava’ but “Eva” in the New Testament)

Islamically Hawwa is not blamed for enticing Adam to eat the forbidden fruit, and nor is there a concept of original sin. As a matter of fact, the Quran indicates that Adam initiated the eating of the fruit but Allah simply blames both of them for the transgression as they both ate the fruit. The Quran never blamed Hawwa for the sin that they both (Adam and Hawwa) committed together and to condemn all the women in the world for a sin that Hawwa committed is against the basic teachings of the Quran.

Then Satan whispered to him (Adam); he said, “O Adam, shall I direct you to the tree of eternity and possession that will not deteriorate? And Adam and his wife ate of it, and their private parts became apparent to them, and they began to fasten over themselves from the leaves of Paradise. And Adam disobeyed his Lord and erred.” (Quran – 20:121-122)

Now that we have 2 introductions of the same first ‘Woman’, there is another issue to be resolved. Let analyze whether she is made from ‘a crooked rib bone’, and does that mean that she is ‘crooked’ and hence ‘lower’ in position. To understand this argument we firstly need to be remind ourselves the biological structure, that Adam did not have a womb and there was no woman – no womb (a place of rest) to receive it.  Adam was the one emitting the sperm. Secondly how do we apply this to the formation of Hawwa? The ribs formed the part of Adam’s bone structure so by taking a rib from him, the All-Powerful Creator could then, “clothed (it) with flesh; then developed out of it another creature”.

O mankind! Reverence your Guardian-Lord Who created you from a single person, created, of like nature, his zaowja (wife/mate), and from them twain scattered (like seeds) countless men and women” (Surah 4-:1).

It is evident from the above Qur’anic verse that a woman was created from a man, and definitely not by the natural process that women would give birth. Her creation is significant, and a 3 part phenomenon of human creation.  First was the creation of Adam, a human being who was made out of nothing, using only water and earth; second  the creation of a women (Hawwa) as explained above, and third, the creation of a man called Jesus / Isa (AS) – out of a women without the participation of a man. All three creations are on the same footing in being unique & evident reasons for faith in Allah.  I have no clue from where a man got the arrogance to take a role of a ‘dictator’ rather than a companion. Can we for once ponder over the balance and dignity given to mankind by Allah; a Quran as a gift for those who can understand each others position and rights. It’s not as if she has to do all her rights and he is there to constantly remind her of them, while he is absolutely oblivious to his duties, rights & responsibilities. A woman is an ‘Amanah’(trust) given by Allah to parents, husbands and her care-takers. Keep it in mind that you are accountable for every little physical & mental abuse that you do her.  Do not take it wrong; by no means is the Quran, the Prophet (SAW), the scholars or the learned or I as a layman saying that on the other hand women can transgress or become the authoritative bodies and do not take charge of their duties. The advice goes to both. It’s just that in most cases the woman and orphans are victimized and mistreated, the Quran and the hadiths of the Prophet(SAW) come as a warning for men who transgress. There are many verses in the Quran that directly advice men and women to live with mutual understanding.

Back to the topic of a ‘rib-created woman’. It should be interpreted positively using the Divine purpose behind Hawwa’s creation as the basis.  Although, it is unfortunate, especially when you see Muslim men define woman in a negative tone. Those are the men who fail to comprehend the intensity of emotions and desires which is necessary for the proper discharge of a women’s duty as wives and mothers. This ability has been Divinely fixed by the Creator, thus making them “crooked” which means that due to her multiple tasking character she can get vulnerable at times. To straighten women involves trying to force them to go against their Divine given nature, “breaking” their nature by removing from it that which is the source of “benefit” to men and which makes women good wives and mothers – ceasing to be such can only mean divorce which will follow as a direct consequence.

Men who require such a negative interpretation of the word ‘crooked’ are evil and unjust. In fact in most cases have justified woman to cover up their evil by transgressing the laws of Allah and backing out from their duties and responsibilities.

forgive and overlook and cover up their (women’s) faults” (Surah 64:14) and

“do not treat them with harshness… on the contrary, live with them on the footing of kindness and equity” (Surah 4:19).

 I was hearing a lecture of Dr. Farhat Hashmi (Exemplary Woman), where she talks about the status and the multitasking nature of woman. She says, “Where does the milk come from? It’s a cow, although the cow functions like a factory; where yogurt, cream, milk etc are made from the same milk too. We get vegetables, fruits, flowers etc from soil but what does the soil require? A little water & nourishment”.

In the same way a woman is like a field or a property.  You have to take care of her just in the same way you would take care of your property.  Or else that property will not be able to give good crop and will lead to a famine or drought. Allah made so many comforts for us. We should be thankful. The reason Hawwa was created is to give support and companionship. The woman must not live with a man who cannot comfort her physically and mentally.  I have witnessed cases where women who lived with such men, and as a  consequence became psychologically sick. Man must see her as a trust and gift given by Allah and live like a companion and give her the status and rights. This action in itself will show his gratitude and gratefulness to Allah. It’s not a ‘talking shukr’; it’s a ‘action shukr’. They preach that woman can be a Fitna (test & trial) for a man and for sure there is no disagreement on it, but by no means those woman examples can be used to justify in pressurizing or changing a righteous woman from what she is by nature. All woman cannot be put in the same basket.

Abdullah ibn Amr reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “The world is provision and the best provision in the world is a righteous/pious woman.” (Sahih Muslim-1467)

I as a woman fail to understand men. Men who have been given such a gift from Allah as a mother, daughter, wife, aunts, grandmothers, treat them with so much of harshness and disrespect. Have you forgotten that along with your life, their lives are also a Amanah (trust) of Allah? This is just a reminder for such men as I am a people’s person, I interact and move around in different communities and what I am hearing is sad and a shame for me to even mention it.


(For more information and to benefit yourself as a woman please check out the lectures of Dr. Farhat Hashmi on www.farhathashmi.com or www.alhudainstute.com )


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Human or Jinn? Whose Trap?

“In a gathering Muhammad (saw) asked Abu Dhar “did you pray 2 Nafl?” Abu Dhar said “no” and proceeded to pray and when returned, Rasool (saw) said, “did you ask refuge from the shaitan of jinn and ins(human)”? Abu Dhar questioned, “is there a shaitan in the ins too?”  Rasool (saw) said, “the shaitan in the ins is worse than the shaitan in the jinn (Allah’s creation invisible to human eye). The shaitan of the ins is hard-hearted”. In the explanation it was mentioned that a hard-hearted person is the one who denies Haq(truth, truthfulness, birthright, rights, prerogative(due/privilege), correction etc). Narrated by Ibn Jarir (Muslim)

The above hadith, comes as a warning to mankind that they must be alert from the invitation of the shaitan (Human or Jinn). It is us who accept the invitation and most often tend to blame it on the shaitan of the jinn, although man is responsible for acting in accordance to the waswasa (whisper) and falling into the trap of the shaitan. It’s just not jinns whispering into the hearts; human whisper can be far more destructive.

“From the evil of him who whispers evil in the heart and slings away. Those who whisper in the hearts of mankind. From jinn and mankind” (Surah Al-Nas 4-6)

These verses make it clear that the attack is on the heart and it’s from both sources, jinn and mankind. Our heart has no ears. Yet the heart has been mentioned with the whisper. It’s only recently that scientist have discovered the direct connection of the ears and eyes to the heart.

So  yes; our heart is the root of all goodness or evil. Let’s take a closer look into the heart.

We all know that eachone of us  has some weakness or another. That is accepted. What’s not accepted and should not be accepted is when weakness transforms into repeated transgression, aggression, oppression.  It’s then considered sinful, abusive and criminal by any law. We shouldn’t allow any satanic forces from human or jinn to aggravate us into breaking our limits of conduct and mannerism.  The heart is the key factor of success or destruction. It’s sub-roots are it’s two doors.

 Consider your heart as a room and it’s two doors as your eyes and ears.  Whatever you see and hear goes straight into that room. How healthy is this little room or is it polluted with filth. Evaluate your daily routine and think for yourself, as to how many hours do we spend on rubbish talk, rubbish t.v shows, rubbish gossip, rubbish video games, gibberish reading etc etc. Check it out and see what all you are filling in that little room.

Nothing but negative forces are constantly getting  witnessed within the camera of your eyes and vocal recordings are witnessed by your ears. A constant whisper. You will notice that many times we comment, “why are you speaking rubbish?” or “don’t you think before you talk?” or “mind your language” or “where did you learn that slang from?” etc.  It’s just because whatever we hear and see constantly goes straight into our hearts and without any thought process, the tongue blurts it all out. It’s all inter-connected.

Hear David Icke’s lecture ‘Mind Control’ on YouTube. He explains pretty well how the mind is controlled by heart and it’s two doors.

Now the cure. The cure is the Quran, if only we would understand. It’s the only medicine that would prevent us from falling into the trap of the shaitan. The Quran is a distinguishing factor between what is right and wrong.  This distinction is important for us to make rightful decisions in life.

We need to build that positive confidence in the book of Allah by repeatedly saying “It will be easy for me to understand, InshaAllah”.  Let your own words be heard by your ears, so that the positive forces start sinking into your heart.  Allah will make it easy for your memorizing and understanding of it.

وَلَقَدْ يَسَّرْنَا الْقُرْآنَ لِلذِّكْرِ فَهَلْ مِنْ مُدَّكِرٍ

“And We have indeed made the Qur’an easy to understand and remember: then is there any that will receive admonition/advice”? (Surah Al-Qamar:17)

“The one who does Shurah (advice/consensus/admonition) doesn’t get destroyed” (Muhammad- saw) and  ”the one who seeks help doesn’t get distressed” (a common statement from the people of knowledge and wisdom)

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“1 Year Ago Today” Yasir Qadhi

“Verily, Allâh guides not the one who is a Musrif (those who commit great sins, oppressors, transgressors, wrong-doers, unjust), a liar!” [40:28]
Yasir Qadhi
“One year ago today, one of the worst atrocities in recent history perpetrated by a government against its own citizens occurred.

The Rabaa massacre in Cairo, Egypt was especially heinous because:

1) The government clearly planned this massacre and intended to cause maximum civilian casualties (as the latest report by Human Rights Watch proves)

2) The Egyptian government used its own army against its own citizens

3) The site of the massacre was a masjid – which is supposed to be a sanctified place of worship, not a place where blood is so easily shed!

4) The sheer quantity of people killed (estimates vary – perhaps as many as a thousand)

5) The fact that they were protesting against an illegitimate government and for the democratically elected, legitimate President

6) The reality that the protestors were by and large unarmed and without protection. They were untrained regular civilians, whereas the people doing the killing were trained snipers, military men, and army personnel, heavily armed, using artillery weapons and military aircrafts (helicopters).

7) The fact that most of those killed were practicing Muslims, whereas those doing the killing were….murderers.

But the single most despicable matter to me in this whole affair is that some scholars – people who are supposed to have a fear of Allah and a love of their fellow Muslims – actually approved of this massacre, or tacitly supported this evil, vile, Pharonic regime, and cheered them on as they slaughtered hundreds of innocent…merely because their version of Islam told them that they should support dictatorships and despots over innocent, practicing Muslims who wanted to live better lives. And it wasn’t just clerics of one stripe: one found that both Sufi and Salafi scholars were involved (while obviously large segments of Sufis and Salafis criticized the massacres and the Egyptian government).

The ‘Sufi’ clerics who justified the massacre were primarily motivated by their hatred of ‘other’ Muslims. It was sad to see a movement that claims to be based on peace and love become so vicious when it came to the ‘other’ Muslims who don’t agree with them. Quite frankly, they became the very Frankenstein that they accuse ‘others’ (those whom they call ‘Wahhabis’) of being.

On the other side, the ‘Salafi’ clerics who justified this were motivated by their love of rulers and their coziness with power. These clerics preferred status quo and financial stability over positive reform. In this regard, they were a disgrace to the actual salaf, who would distance themselves from the rulers and avoid having cozy relationships with the kings and princes.

Today, our thoughts and prayers are with those who were killed, and with the families – widows, parents, children, siblings – of those who were martyred.
And our anger, and disgust, and hatred, is renewed once again for the governments and police forces and army, and especially the ‘scholars’, who supported this massacre. By Allah they are not true scholars, even if they claim descent from the Prophet (SAW), or have been appointed as Imam of the Haram”.

“It is strange how we spot the minutest flaws of others, yet remain blind and oblivious to ourselves and other major crimes, unjusts, oppressions & wrong-doings” (rdunya)

For further understanding you can read on twitter:

Abdul Nasir Jangda@AbdulNasirJ

A year ago, over 1,000 innocent people in #Rabaa killed by army & police that are supposed to protect & serve. http://m.hrw.org/node/128069 

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“Robin Williams Had It All” Yasir Qadhi

“Who is better in speech than the one who calls towards The All Mighty; does good deeds and says: I am a Muslim” (Surah Fussilat: 33)
One fact we learn over and over again, from our own personal experiences, and from others, is that no amount of worldly pleasure, fame, and fortune, brings internal happiness without a higher purpose in one’s life. And that higher purpose can only be the worship of Allah.
Robin Williams had it all: an amazing acting career, awards, world fame, wealth, and everything one could want of this life. He made all of us laugh in public, even as he himself in private was internally sad and depressed. We will never fully understand what was going on inside of him and what internal demons he was battling, but it is a lesson for all of us: life without purpose is not a fulfilling life. This world and all that it possesses will only bring temporary satisfaction – it is only Islam that makes one feel fulfilled and productive.
Allah says, “Whoever does good deeds, male or female, while having faith – that is the one We shall bless with a sweet life (hayat tayyiba).”
Alhamdulillah for the blessing of Islam! And May Allah grant us all sweet and fulfilling lives!!!
The eleventh century scholar Al-Ghazali in his book “The Alchemy of Happiness” writes: There is nothing closer to you then yourself. If  you don’t know yourself, how will you know others? You might say, “I know myself”, but you are mistaken….The only thing you know about yourself is your physical appearance. The only thing you know about your inside is that when you are hungry you eat, when you are angry, you fight, and when you are consumed by passion, you make love. In this regard you are equal to any animal. You have to seek the reality within yourself….What are you? Where have you come from and where are you going? What is your role in the world? Why have you been created? Where does your happiness lie? If you would like to know yourself….the reality of your existence is in your inwardness. Everything is a servant of your inward heart.” [Reference: Kimiya-yi Sa'ādat (The Alchemy of Happiness)]

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Bliss & Misery; How do we differentiate?

Often we wonder, if whether every misery, calamity, distress that is happening to us; “Is it a punishment Or is it that I am going through a trial and a test from The Almighty?”
Here’s a little argument before we go into the understanding and differences of the above.
This is how we work. We have this general defense mechanism called ‘the blame-game’. Just throw the blame on someone. So yes, if we don’t find anyone, lets put the blame on Allah. It’s easy that way. It’s meant to be.  It’s our Qadr. Allah planned difficult trials and tribulation for some and for some everything is ‘happy and dandy’.
As if we don’t do anything to bring the anger of Allah? As if we don’t do things knowingly and bring disaster upon disaster on ourselves? As if we are not responsible for whatever happens to us.  Here’s what Allah says:
“And if any one earns a sin, he earns it against His own soul” (Quran: 4:111)
In another verse Allah says:
“but whatever of evil befalls you, is from yourself” (al-Nisa: 4:79)
“Allah is full of knowledge and wisdom”.(4:11)
The above verses should be enough for us to judge for ourselves whether we are in Bliss or in Misery. Here is a formula designed by Ibn Qayim Al Jawzi  through which you and me can check out and bring corrections to our personalities as Muslims.
‘From the signs of bliss and success is that a person, as he grows in learning, he grows in humbleness and compassion. As he grows in works of faith, he grows in fear and vigilance. As he grows in age, he diminishes in greed. As he grows in wealth, he grows in generosity and giving. And as he grows in strength and status, he grows in drawing closer to others so as to serve them and help fulfill their needs.

From the signs of misery is that a person, as he grows in learning, he grows in pride and conceit. As he grows in works of faith, he grows in boasting; belittling others; and having an inflated opinion about himself. As he grows in age, he grows in greed. As he grows in wealth, he grows in stinginess and miserliness. And as he grows in status and standing, he grows in vanity and arrogance.

All these matters are trials and tribulation from Allah by which He tries His servants. Through it, He makes some happy and blissful, while others are made wretched and miserable.’

May Allah guide you and me to a path that is right.

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Relating To The Quran- Surah Al Fatiha


Every Surah in the Quran is important and has it’s own value and message. The Quran was sent as a final seal of graduation for all messages from Prophet Adam(as) to Prophet Muhammad (saw). Our University is ‘Islam’ and the degree is ‘Bachelor of Muslim’. The course book used is ‘Quran’ and the role model is Muhammad (saw) with back-up of hadiths, scholars and the educated. Tell me, if anyone of you can join a course and be successful without reading the main-course-book?

Surah Al Fatiha :

This is the opening Surah of the Quran. It’s importance is so great that the salah (prayer, worship) is incomplete without Surah Al Fatiha. No matter how much Quran we know or recite; there is no way that we can perform our salah without this beginning Surah. This Surah is also used for Shifa’ (cure for physical, spiritual, & mental ailments, diseases & disorders)

It has been made clear in the first verse that nothing and no one is worthy of Praise except Allah(swt). All doubts of having a partner next to His Greatness, must and have to be removed.

الْحَمْدُ للّهِ رَبِّ الْعَالَمِينَ

All praise is due to only Allah, the Lord of the worlds (Q-1:1)

The root word for Aalameen comes from ilm (علم), which demands the acquisition of knowledge. In English the word ‘knowledge’ falls short of expressing all aspects of ilm. Ilm covers theory, action, intention of all kinds of educations. It doesn’t end here. There is ilm of the unseen. Which only Allah knows best. With all due respect to the limited knowledge a person may have, he could still be a loser in the hereafter if he sincerely doesn’t believe in Allah, the Hereafter, the Angels, His Book and His Prophets. This is the basic requirements for a man to register himself into the University of Islam.

Being a true Muslim has to define true humanity. If you are called a Muslim but don’t fit the conduct of being honest & human, then that person slowly starts falling into the category of being recognized as a hypocrite. 

الرَّحْمـنِ الرَّحِيمِ

The Beneficent, The Most Merciful (Q-1:2)

The attribute ‘Ar-Rahman’ (Beneficent) is for all creation and mankind of this world. For example, anyone whether Muslim or not can work hard and achieve his reward in this world. Allah is All-Beneficent in giving the resources as in rain, crop, foods, wealth, success etc to all of mankind. The resources of general fitness of the body, heart and mind has been given to each individual whether Muslim or not. It’s not just for a chosen few, even an atheist is given the benefits of all His resources & wealth. If only we recognized the benefits, we would see Allah from the eyes of our heart and would be from those who are grateful.

The attribute ‘Ar-Raheem’ (Merciful) is only for the righteous on the Day of Justice. It’s for the chosen few, who are best in their deeds, conduct and character in this world.Their sins will be forgiven out of His Mercy.They are the righteous from the Muslims. Those whose intentions and actions are pure and clean. People of reasoning and a sound mind, away from insanity. People who don’t waste their time on useless talks. These are the Ulul Albab (people of Intellect).

The righteous are those who ask help from Allah in all matters but recognize the sources and gifts given by Allah. They use these sources towards their own success in this world and in the hereafter.

مَالِكِ يَوْمِ الدِّينِ

Master of the Day of Judgement (Q-1:3)

A statement to instill fear and awareness of that Day where our accounts will be opened and judged. None can escape. A warning that Allah is Merciful but could never be ‘unjust, bias & partial’. He is the Master and the Judge on that Day. No one can bribe or oppress the other whether male or female. No one can pay under-the-table to buy a spot in Paradise. No cheating and deceit.

Our books of conduct will be given, just like a report card. Every part of our body will witness against the wrong that we did. A warning for those who adhere. If our intentions and actions are good and we sincerely repented for our shortcomings in this world, we have nothing to fear on that Day. But if we have oppressed ourselves and others and are responsible for mischief on this earth then we really need to be worried. Repenting and changing is the only chance that we have. And Allah is All Merciful.


Good Return

Final words of wisdom used in the last verse for those who read and use this Quran as a guidance towards their ultimate reward in the hereafter. For the righteous there is a good return. 

May Allah help us and guide us to a better hereafter and not leave us with those who are led astray.

 O! Allah forgive us and turn towards us, as you are the Only One who can be Merciful.

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Thus Allah makes clear His Commandments for you; it is expected that you will use your common sense.” (Q-1:242)


Do we really read the Quran? Or do we just leave the Quran for our Masjids or confine it to a high spot of our living-rooms or our salah’s (that we don’t understand) or just for the reward in it’s memorization or for our libraries and scholars? And more strangely, once we step out of these specific areas, our actions and behavioral patterns are in total contradiction to the message of this Quran. How much more hypocritical can we get. There is no pondering, contemplation or any thought process; leave alone the requirement of using ‘our common-sense’.

By the way, where is our common-sense? When we know that this Book is a guidance for all mankind; then, why is there no guidance? Why are we in this in-dignified state? Or is it that Allah has made it so hard to relate and understand His Book? Can anyone in the lowest state of mind actually say that Allah designed a book that would be so complicated and difficult? When Allah has clearly mentioned in Surat-ul-Kahf that there is no crookedness in this Book. It has been also said, that this Book has been sent in Arabic so that it may become easy upon mankind, etc. How arrogant and ignorant can we be to say or think the other way around.

Kufr means covering and concealing the truth. Whereas The Quran openly uncovers the truth, just so that we can get guidance by distinguishing right from wrong in each and every walk of our lives. And why would Allah make it so difficult?

Let me ask you a question of common-sense? How would you define ‘a negligent or a bad teacher’? The answer would be, a teacher who doesn’t use the right book, course or guide-lines, and who neither has the qualities of teaching or the skills of relating to his students. A teacher who is constantly making Kufr, i.e hiding that which is supposed to be made clear and open to his students. And yet oppresses and abuses the student to sit for an exam. Whereas a ‘good teacher’ would have the right book to offer, the right skills and qualities of being a teacher etc etc. Right?

The next question would be, who would you consider a good student? You would answer, the one who reads thoroughly the book given by the teacher. Totally trust, loves and fears his teacher. He follows all guide-lines to the best of his ability. He completes all his assignments on time. He obeys the rules of the classroom, he prepares well for his tests that may be easy or difficult ,He is patient and calm in a situation of a surprise test too. 

Then there is another student who has this same teacher, but neglects the book given to study. He never submits his assignments on time. He hardly obeys the rules of the classroom. When there is a test, there is a big problem. He never blames himself but blames everything and everyone around him for his failure. Did you get it? Seriously, where is our common-sense?

In the same way we all say that we love, fear and believe in Allah as our Teacher, and yet have no trust and faith in Him. We believe in His Book, and yet do not read it. We call it reading because we understand the alphabets and have learnt how to join the words. Who are we fooling”? None but ourselves, don’t we get it, “we recite the Quran, we do not read it”. Reading comes with an understanding and if still not understood, then we go to specialists or scholars for particular situation where the ruling can only be applied by relating to the Quran and Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The Hadith should not contradict the Quran. Other than that, for our daily conduct and character build-up the Quran becomes a mirror where we can clearly see the hidden black spots on our face.

Is it not strange that we don’t take out the time to understand or relate to the book given for which we will be tested? Are we just pacifying and fooling ourselves like the Jews and the Christians that we are the chosen ones and that we have been given an easy walk into Jannah.

Sorry! to say so but we really do not have Faith or lets call it Aqeedah in our Teacher. If only we trusted in our our Teacher as Allah, we would confidently try to understand His Book as much as possible. Just ordinary and simple people at the time of our Prophet Muhammad (SAW), firstly heard the verse, then memorized and then implemented (if related to them). Today we pick and choose hadiths to serve our own purposes. Further more not relating the rulings to the Quran has given birth to severe blunders, sins and mistakes which have now become predominant world-wide in the Muslim Communities. We no more follow Islam; we make Islam follow us and our desires. We have now become manipulative-law abiding Muslims. This blunder is our creation. There has to be a stop put to it; and the only way to do it, is by relating every situation to the Quran.

It makes life easier with straight and simple teaching which transforms mankind from a animal-being to a human-being. To be a Muslim, we need to learn how to be human. Without the attributes of humanity in our being, we will become prey to our self-indignity in this world and in the hereafter. May Allah protect us.

Dignity is from Allah, but we need to achieve it. A honest and a just person will be known in time for his honesty. like-wise a liar or an alcoholic or an oppressor will be known for what they have achieved. Allah will never indignify any soul, unless he deserves it. The righteous earn their position and so do the evil receive their consequences. Prophet Muhammad earned his name & dignity prior to Prophecy, related by his (SAW) wife Khadijah (RA):

By Allah; Allah shall never subject you to any indignity…, for you always maintain your ties with those of your kin, and you are always generous in giving; you are diligent, and you seek what others regard as unattainable; you cool the eyes of your guest, and you lend your support to those who seek justice and redress (to set right an unfair or undesirable situation)”.

The name we achieve is based on our over-all conduct and character. These are simple qualities of ‘common-sense’, but yet we fail. Today, we experience Muslims as liars, cheaters, deceivers, oppressors, unjust, breakers of ties to the womb etc. Simple qualities of goodness for us to adopt as Muslims; and we find it so difficult. For those who understand our test is going to be based on our deeds. We have the choice.

“…that We may test mankind, as to which of them is best in deeds.. (deeds as in good actions, conduct and in the best of manners, totally for the sake of Allah)” (Surah Al-Kahf:7)

Seriously, we need a thorough cleansing of our body, heart & mind. We need to do that to make our soul healthy. It’s got very weak. I choose this auspicious month of Ramadan to remove that darkness and weakness from within me. So join me in this journey towards a brief understanding of the Quran, by holding the hand of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and scholars.

May Allah give me the courage to complete this journey along with all of you. If any of you witness any error, please discard it, as it is from me for which I ask forgiveness and give you the right to correct me InshaAllah.

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How Do I Know If My Fasting Has Been Accepted?

Or for a matter my Prayer, my Hajj, my Umrah, my Laylatul Qadr? How do we know if our fasting or any of our acts of worship are accepted? This question often comes in most of our minds? The scholars say, “Because you will never be the same again!” Yes, and truly we shouldn’t be the same after asking for forgiveness at Haj or Umrah or Laylatul Qadr or during the month of Ramadhan. All these ibadats (acts of worship) should help us transform into a better human being and a Muslim with a good conduct. But then why is it that it’s not happening? What is stopping us as Muslims from being what our title defines. Here’s what Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said,

Whosoever does not abandon Falsehood (lies, deceit, hypocrisy) in speech and action, then Allah the Mighty and Majestic has no need that he should leave his food and drink.”(Narrated by Abu Hurrairah/Sahih Al-Bukhari)

On one side we have the question, “how do we know if my fasting has been accepted” and a simple answer, “you will never be the same”. Then we have the hadith of our Prophet (SAW) giving us a precise statement as to what is required for the acceptance of our fasting? Get rid of the falsehood in our speech and action. As easy it may sound it isn’t. Seriously, each one of us need to check out the amount of FALSEHOOD we are involved on a daily basis; our lies, our pretense, our superfluous acting, our satanic whispering and our hypocrisy. Non-Stop; never ending.

Fasting is not just about hunger and thirst. It’s about a transformation and a change. An outward change yes, most of us are pretty much good with that. But there is a potential for a deeper change. A change of heart which leads to a positive change in our body and mind. And it’s for that we must hope and pray.

Consider the month of fasting as if we are in a Rehab Centre for self cleansing. Our sincere fasting should bring a change to our sick 1.heart, 2.body and 3.mind to a healthy 3 in 1.

If you see the below changes and transformations taking place in you then yes, it’s a sign that “my fasting has been accepted”.

From anger to calm

From verbal, physical and psychological abuse to love and care

From dishonesty to honesty

From miserliness to generosity

From pride to humility

From ingratitude to gratitude

From argumentation to keeping quiet and only speaking when on Haq(truth)

From grudges to forgiveness

From arrogance to humility

From showing off to sincerity

From disunity towards unity

From the sake of me, myself and I; to every intention and action only for the sake of Allah and only Allah!

We ask Allah for Tawfiq (success and reconciliation) and Tayir (facilitation) and accept our fasting, InshaAllah.




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